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ITIL® Foundation

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ITIL Foundation Certification Training

ITIL® is used by organizations worldwide to deliver value and maintain minimum quality benchmarks. It serves as a framework to define compliance and set in place strategies for improvement.

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With the constantly evolving technology landscape and increased expectation from business for the stable and responsive IT services; companies are in the desperate need to understand and implement the best practices to manage the IT service. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is the best practices framework for IT service management which serves to align IT services with business needs. ITIL framework recommends best practices for managing strategy, design, transition, operations and continual improvement for your IT services. Best practices recommended by ITIL comprises of tried and tested IT management processes that have been widely used by many companies across the globe. Your company can selectively adopt the relevant best practices and tailor it as per the organizational need.

The ITIL® Foundation certification is the starting point for an individual to get acquainted with ITIL framework before you proceed to Intermediate and Expert levels in ITIL qualification scheme to gain deep knowledge about this IT Service Management framework. MakeMeWise ITIL Foundation course is as per the guidelines prescribed by AXELOS. ITIL foundation certification and training will introduce you to the 26 processes used in the ITIL framework and how they contribute the typical IT services lifecycle.  Concepts learned in the ITIL Foundation certification and training helps you get a better understanding of how IT services are operated by your company and leaves you with enough food for thought to make those IT services better.

From the course:
Candidates who have undergone this training will be able to:
  • Get an introduction to ITIL® terminologies, definitions, structures and concepts
  • Learn the basics of the ITIL® Service lifecycle, and the principles involved
  • Understand the associated technology and architecture
  • Understand the fundamentals of Service Management and Service Lifecycle
  • Learn about selected processes, roles and functions
  • Gain awareness of the ITIL® Qualification scheme

From the workshop:
  • Training delivered by experienced ITIL® trainers
  • Candidates are given softcopy certificates from AXELOS
  • Participants get 2 credits after passing the Foundation examination from PEOPLECERT
  • Lifetime free access to ITIL® online course-ware
  • 4Mock papers consisting of 40 questions each
  • Tips and Techniques to clear the ITIL® Foundation certification

Aspirants can get certified in ITIL® Foundation from AXELOS by following this processes:

  • Step 1: Appear for ITIL® Foundation exam after completing the training.
  • Step 2: Score 65% marks in 60 minutes [i.e. 26 answers out of 40 questions]
  • Step 3: Earn two ITIL® credits on successful completion of ITIL® Foundation exam Note: Candidates appearing for the examination in a language other than their native language have a maximum of 75 minutes for the exam.

There is no defined eligibility criterion for ITIL® Foundation exam. Professionals, who require a basic understanding of the ITIL® framework and are willing to enhance the quality of IT Service Management within an organization, can opt for ITIL® Foundation certification.


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ITIL® is the only consistent and comprehensive documentation of best practice for IT Service Management. Used by hundreds of organizations around the world, a whole ITIL® philosophy has grown around the guidance contained within the ITIL® books and the supporting professional qualification scheme. ITIL® consists of a series of books giving guidance on the provision of quality IT services, and on the accommodation and environmental facilities needed to support IT. ITIL® has been developed in recognition of organizations’ growing dependency on IT and embodies best practices for IT Service Management.

Training and exams for ITIL® are available through the network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) such as MakeMeWise, which is assessed and certified by PeopleCert for its quality training.

No there are No Prerequisites to appear for the Exam.

ITIL® qualifications are not valid for a defined period and will never expire.

ITIL® foundation online examinations can be evaluated immediately after you submit the exam. However, paper based exams may take few days depdning upon the invigilator

The ITIL® foundation certificate will be dispatched to you approximately 2 weeks after we have received your Original Certificates from PeopleCert.

Pass marks for the ITIL® examinations are as follows:Foundation: You will need to score 26/40 (65%) to pass the foundation exam.Intermediates: You will need to score 28/40 (70%) to pass an intermediate exam. MALC: You will need to score 35/50 (70%) to pass the MALC exam.

After the successful completion of the course, a total of 16 PDUs will be awarded to you. PDU indicates the ongoing professional development of an individual and depicts that a person is continuously tuning his/her skills and handling project using the best practices of Project Management.

Yes, we offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program.

In the constantly evolving world of IT today, firms across the globe acknowledge the growing need to manage their processes in a more effective way, bringing best practice guides to the forefront. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a core set of best practices for IT service management which serve to align IT services with business needs. The ITIL® Foundation certification is the basic level qualification, and is followed by the Intermediate and Expert levels. Our Foundation course introduces the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. The course material explains the various Lifecycle stages with the processes used, and teaches how they contribute to Service Management practices.

There are no prerequisites for taking the course.

The ITIL® Foundation examination will be held on the last day of the training. This is a one hour online examination comprising 40 questions out of which the participant has to score 26 (65%) to attain the certification. Candidates will be awarded 2 credits for the same from PEOPLECERT. This is a closed book exam, and electronic devices are not allowed. To attain the highest level of ITIL® which is the ITIL® Expert certification, a candidate should have 22 credits. There are two levels of certifications available: ITIL® Foundation and ITIL® Intermediate.

This program serves the needs of IT professionals, business managers, business process owners, project managers, students and individuals who have a keen interest in IT Services Management. The ITIL® Foundation certification is a prerequisite for the Practitioner’s Certificate and the Managers Certificate in IT Service Management.


01. ITIL Introduction
ITILFND01: Service management as a practice
1 Hours 30 minutes01:30
ITILFND02: The ITIL service lifecycle
0 Hours 60 minutes00:60
ITLFND03: Generic concepts and definitions
0 Hours 60 minutes00:60
ITILFND04: Key principles and models
1 Hours 30 minutes01:30
02. ITIL Service Strategy
ITLFND05: ITIL Processes
2 Hours 0 minutes02:00
03. ITIL Service Design
ITLFND05: ITIL Processes
2 Hours 0 minutes02:00
04. ITIL Service Transition
ITLFND05: ITIL Processes
2 Hours 0 minutes02:00
05. ITIL Service Operations
ITLFND05: ITIL Processes
2 Hours 0 minutes02:00
ITLFND06: Functions
0 Hours 60 minutes00:60
06. Continual Service Improvement
ITLFND05: ITIL Processes
2 Hours 0 minutes02:00
  1. Detailed yet easy to understand
    MakeMeWise trainer was amazing and made the subject easy to understand without losing out on details.

  2. Interesting and lively training
    MakeMeWise trainer was great at keeping the session interesting and lively. Participants were encouraged to ask questions and all those questions were clarified with great patience and explanation.

  3. Great experience all throughout
    Learning with MakeMeWise was a great experience all throughout, right from the time I decided to the enrol till the time I cleared my exams and received certificate

  4. Profile photo of Hardik Shaha Hardik Shaha says:

    Excellent and structured
    Excellent course material. Sessions were well structured and well timed with great practical insights

  5. Profile photo of Mohan G Mohan G says:

    Good trainers and good course material
    I had availed training for ITIL Foundation course. Trainer was good at covering all the concepts with relevant real life examples. Online timed practice exams did help me to get an understanding of how well i am performing. Training material is really of good quality and in depth; i really find it handy for reference.

Course Features

Our past success rate and outstanding trainer feedback allows us to let encourage our students attempt certification at nominal booking fees and pay for rest after they pass exam. Applicable for selected courses and under specific terms. Please contact us to know more.

As an direct accredited partner or as an affiliated partner, we help you undertake certification exams from AXELOS™, PMStudy™, ScrumAlliance®, PMI® and IASSC which are globally managing various best practice qualifications and considered to be a trusted brand.

All courses are offered in different variants - Instructor led online courses are more suitable for Certification Seekers who are experienced, quick learners but busy professionals. Whereas, Instructor led classroom courses are for professionals seeking some time to discuss, understand and revise concepts in more detailed manner.

Courseware Content aligned with latest syllabus version published by AXELOS™, ScrumAlliance®, PMI® and IASSC. It is accredited with highest rating possible for any training organisation.

Our accredited trainers are certified practitioners and industry experts, who bring along more than 10 years of course relevant experience to the classroom, providing real life industry examples to make your learning actionable at your job

Online Sample Questions split as per syllabus modules and simulation exams structured as per actual exams help you to know your areas of strength and areas of improvement

You get to stay relevant as syllabus version keeps evolving and you get to leverage your lifetime access to updated course material, Glossary Book, White Papers, Case Studies and Blogs that can helps to further your learning.

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