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Passionate about mentoring? Looking for a platform on which to share your knowledge, connect with professionals, and enrich careers? Wish to get the taste of educational entrepreneurship? You’ve come to the right place. Come join us on our journey.

At MakeMeWise, our constant endeavor is to create a network of world-class trainers and industry-experts who, in turn, create high-quality course-ware that resonates with professionals all over the world.

MakeMeWise helps you with the best teaching tools, a supportive instructor community, and expert course creation and technical teams dedicated to your success. We will work in tandem with you, sharing experience and knowledge to achieve the best results.

Please fill out the Contact Us form. We will screen your application and invite you to talk to one of our Training Coordinators. Once selected, you will be introduced to MakeMeWise’ Learning Methodology, and can then proceed with our support – to create content that can make learning a productive and rewarding experience for our learners.


At MakeMeWise, we know the value of your time and effort; and we also understand that offering fair, flexible compensation options is a part of your business ethos. When you sign up as Instructor with MakeMeWise you gain the following program benefits:

  • Get monetarily rewarded through the profit sharing model which is purely driven based on meritocracy of the trainers and number of students enrolling for the class
  • Retain your individual brand as a trainer while you associate with us to increase your students reach across the globe and across the industry verticals in assistance with MakeMeWise
  • Scale up from just being a skill-trainer to a skill-preneur by committing yourself to end to end entrepreneurial activities related to your course


The MakeMeWise Instructor Partnership Program is designed for passionate mentors who aspire to share their knowledge and expertise with like-minded learners having with great curiosity for the similar subjects. Ideal partners will have proven success in coaching and will be capable of:

  • Creating high quality courseware, its assessment for relevance, its customization for specific corporate needs and its revision based on periodic feedback
  • Mentoring enrolled learners during the course as well as after the course for any assistance related to practical implementations, exams and certifications or any professional guidance
  • Promoting and Planning your sessions end to end by leveraging MakeMeWise provided corporate infrastructure and engaging with potential customers as well as third parties


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