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PMP certification makes project managers more proficient

Those Project managers who are very particular about timelines and discipline expect the same seriousness from their colleagues. However, at times, it is quite difficult.
It is not that the team members do it deliberately, but they are not even aware of it. In such scenario, it is always a good thing to impart PMP certification training to the people who are directly involved in project management.
PMP is highly reputed, and it validates the key project management understanding. Once the team members grasp the concepts well, they can apply the knowledge throughout the project management lifecycle.
Thus, PMP certification is essential for every organization because project management is an inherent part.
What key benefits should you expect from PMP?
PMP certification is a much talked about a thing but is it worth spending money on it? If yes, then what type of certification is really useful for you?
PMP is a qualification program offered by PMI (Project Management Institute). In many companies, PMP is the standard requirement for appointing project managers.
Since the course covers entire aspects of project management techniques and components that can help in project management, it increases proficiency and earning potential.
PMP is a globally recognized certification. Hence, it opens career prospects worldwide.
Industry demand
Make in-depth research before you walk down one path. There are some other certifications also, but PMP is the most popular one.
Certified professionals are preferred by employers, and they are offered better salary and perks than non-certified project managers.
Also, certified project managers climb the organization ladder much faster than others. They follow the standard practices, procedures, and documentation.
PMP certification Examination process
PMP exam lasts for four hours, and the course is split into several sub-sections such as Project initiation, project planning, project execution, controlling and monitoring, and project closing.
These five sub-sections are further divided into other skills like change management, materials management, quality management and so on.
Prerequisites for PMP
You need to have a secondary degree from a recognized institute. You should possess 500 hours experience in leading and directing projects. Also, you need 35 hours of project management education.
Alternatively, you should have a four-year degree, 35 hours of project management education and 4500 hours experience in leading and directing projects.
When your project managers are certified, they can carry out each project systematically and methodically.
Though you need to pay for the certification, the money you spend gets recovered by adding efficiency to the project management process.
Practice hard to get through the exam
Yes, PMP certification is pretty easy to clear in the first attempt. The only prerequisite is that you possess the required level of skills.
The skills can be obtained by reading the topics again and again and practicing the mock tests.
You ask any PMP certified professional about his or her method of preparation. You will be amazed to know their responses. Every one of them would vouch for solving mock papers repeatedly. By solving mock tests, you get self-confidence.

November 13, 2017

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