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Your ultimate guide on how to pass ITIL foundation certification in 4 weeks

Wondering why ITIL Certification?
67,480 ITIL certification exams were delivered across the globe in just one quarter of the year 2016, As per the figures published by AXELOS Limited who owns the proprietary ITIL literature and its registered trademark. The Q3, 2016 exam figures for ITIL certification for some of the countries leading the chart are as follows: India – 11868, United States 11030, United Kingdom 5975 and Australia 1641
ITIL foundation certification is one of the most popular qualification sought after by IT professionals, IT employers and the clients serviced by them. You can estimate the growing demand for ITIL qualification over the last few years based on the number of individuals pursuing ITIL certification every year.If you have decided to pursue ITIL Foundation Certification or the subsequent qualifications such as ITIL practitioner, ITIL intermediate, ITIL expert or ITIL Master then you are taking the right step forward to enhance your professional skills and better your career prospects as an IT professional. Industry certifications such as ITIL not only serves as the proof of your knowledge about specific domain but also your desire to constantly enhance your professional skills. Both these factor can make you stand apart from rest of the crowd.
In this article, you will get to know 7 Amazing tips on how to pass ITIL Foundation Certification exam in 4 weeks.

Tip#1: See what’s known and what’s unknown – Study ITIL course syllabus
The first step towards preparing for any professional qualification is to take a glance through the course curriculum. It could hardly take an hour of your precious time but it will set the field for you. Browse ITIL foundation syllabus as it will help you gain an understanding of breadth and depth of the topics covered under ITIL Foundation Certification. You will know where you do you currently stand in terms of knowledge level required for passing ITIL foundation certification.

Tip#2: Know the rules of the game – Understand exam format
ITIL Foundation Certification exam is based on multiple choice question format, which essentially means that you would be rewarded for selecting the right answer from the four choices. Easy, isn’t it? This makes your job a lot more easier as you can stay away from the rote learning to some extent. Knowing ITIL exam format also help you understand the weightage given to each topic mentioned in the ITIL Foundation Exam Format and thus help you channelize efforts on right topics.
Few important facts about ITIL Foundation exam format:
• One has to answer 26 questions correctly out of a total of 40 questions in 1 hour
• There is no negative marking for answering incorrectly. Hence, attempt all questions
• Additional 15 minutes are provided under special conditions such as differently abled candidate or a candidate with the first language different from the exam language

Tip#3: Get that initial kick – Read the ITIL pocket guide
Based on your years of experience in the IT industry and your exposure to several customer assignments, if you feel you’re somewhat familiar with the topics mentioned in the ITIL Foundation syllabus then directly execute tip#4. However, if most of the topics mentioned in ITIL syllabus seemed very unfamiliar to you then you should get started with ITIL pocket guide by MakeMeWise before executing tip#4 and deep diving into an accredited ITIL Foundation Courseware.

Tip#4: See where do you stand – Take one practice exam without any preparation
However unconventional it may sound, attempting an online simulated ITIL foundation practice exam without reading through any course material, can actually help you a lot. Based on your practice exam results, you will be in a better position to understand the time and efforts you will be required to put in to prepare for ITIL foundation certification exam in coming weeks.
As a matter of caution, please don’t get discouraged if you score very less in the exam as you must remind yourself that this was a practice exam attempted without any preparation. It’s advised to look for free practice exam from any of the accredited training provider as they are required to meet the strict standards set by the Axelos and other governing bodies.

Tip#5: Commit yourself to ITIL certification – Book an exam date
It’s a human nature to keep procrastinating the work and not to prioritise it; until it seems to have an immediate materialistic impact on you or you risk a possibility of missing a crucial deadline. Hence, if you’re seriously aspiring to get certified in ITIL then it’s strongly recommended to book an exam or training with one of the accredited institute for ITIL certification and training.

Tip#6: Get into action – Get the right ITIL exam self-study material or training course
If you have booked the exam along with training with an accredited training provider, you probably don’t have to worry about researching on the right courseware. The courseware from accredited training provider is annually assessed for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topics mentioned in current ITIL syllabus; and any failure to meet the criteria may result in loss of its accreditation. Alternatively, if you have decided to prepare for ITIL foundation certification on your own, you may refer to any of the ITIL foundation course material available in the market for purchase.

Tip#7: Be prepared to unlearn few things – Learn the “ITIL way” from courseware
Please be warned that even if you have had several years of work experience in IT industry, it’s essential to understand that you are being assessed on the best practices for IT Service Management as outlined in ITIL framework. Hence, it’s essential to read through the ITIL Foundation courseware word by word in order to establish a better understanding of ITIL framework. If you don’t make a note of things that are taught differently in ITIL than what you practicing in your job, you’re at the risk of answering exam questions based on your experience rather than based on ITIL framework.

Tip#8: Failing to plan is planning to Fail – Make a study plan and stick to it
Irrespective of whether you opt for an accredited ITIL training provider or self-study, it’s essential that you chalk out a schedule keeping in mind your initial assessment about the familiarity with the syllabus, your practice exam score and the exam date. The time and efforts required by each individual can vary to some extent. However, four weeks of time for ITIL foundation certification is really practical and achievable based on level of difficulty of the exam.
It’s recommended to follow a study pattern comprising of following sequence:
• One thorough reading of the ITIL Foundation courseware
• 2 simulated practice tests in timed conditions
• Analysis of incorrect answers and weak areas
• Second round of reading focussed on weak areas and most important concepts tested in practice exams
• 1 last simulated practice test in timed conditions
We really hope that these 7 amazing tips will be really helpful for you to pass your ITIL Foundation Certification Exam in four weeks.
If you need assistance with booking your ITIL Foundation Certification Exam or accessing an accredited ITIL Foundation Courseware with 4 simulated practice test then please visit ITIL Foundation Certification Training Promotional Offer by MakeMeWise

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